Frequently Asked Questions

What is energetic herbalism?
The practice of energetic herbalism* seeks to find balance in body, mind, emotions, and spirit by minimal and gentle use of healing herbs. It holds true that the root of every dis-ease goes deeper than what's consciously noticeable. Each atom in existence is made of energy and has its own distinct frequency or vibration. Being made of a unique collection of atoms, we are constantly giving off and absorbing light and energy. There is an energetic effect when atomic waves (vibrations) collide - they either meet in synch, creating a constructive or harmonious effect, or they meet out of synch, creating a destructive effect. This interaction is what you might have felt as "good vibes" or "bad vibes". When we have vibrations within us that are out of synch with our thoughts, environment, people we spend time with, etc. destructive patterns can begin to take hold and eventually manifest as a particular ailment. With this in mind, we can utilize plant medicines to positively influence energetic patterns we hold within us by understanding the energies they hold and bringing them into our lives.

As a practitioner, I can facilitate the pairing of herbal medicines with your particular needs and hold space for you as you explore all the facets of your healing process, allowing your energetic patterns to unfold. Sometimes this process is reflected through a shift in perspective that eases your mind or brings more understanding around the root of your issue. Self-awareness has the power to make space for real and lasting change. Other times you may notice ease in a place in your body that was previously stuck or painful. Energetic herbalism empowers folks to heal themselves while getting the herbal and lifestyle support they seek.

*Energetic Herbalism is a tradition taught to me by Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine

How do I make an appointment?
Email me here.

Where can we find your lip balms?
Sacred Seed Herbals products are available at Great Basin Community Food Co-op in Reno, NV or from me directly.