Willow Romska Gibson, Clinical Herbalist



I grew up in northern Nevada enjoying the desert sun and stunning views of the Sierras. There is nothing like looking across a vista at snow capped peaks scattered with pine trees.

It was there that my interest in plants was piqued and I began studying herbs. Many products were born from my new found love of herbs and my passion for health and healing. I'm still humbled by the enthusiasm some folks show over my lip balms and salves! I never expected such a loyal following.

Wanting a deeper experience with plants, I studied with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in northern California in 2016. I graduated with a certificate in Native American energetic and clinical herbalism which significantly expanded my knowledge, and has allowed me to branch out into a clinical practice and create new offerings.

Beginning this fall (2017), my practice has moved to Mid-Coast Maine. My partner and I relocated here after months of travel in search of a new place to plant ourselves. Maine is bustling with small farmers, more rivers and lakes than I imagined possible, and a dedicated herbal community. While Reno will always be a place I can call home because of the many, many beautiful souls who live there, I'm looking forward to learning more about the diversity of plant life (and people) that makes a home on the rocky coast.

Thank you to everyone who taught me something along the way, and for all who will continue to teach me. With your thorough instruction, kind hearts, and love for all beings I am able to serve my community with an open heart and plants as my allies. ♥