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Energetic Herbalism


experience the healing energies of plant medicine

Are you interested in herbal medicine? Have you been seeking a new approach to your health or emotional challenges?
I would be honored to work with you in exploring the full picture of your needs, and connecting you with plants to support your body's innate healing ability. Learn more about herbal consultations here.


Sitting for an herbal consultation with Willow was one of the most comprehensive and rewarding things I have ever done for my health. So often I felt as though different doctors were only looking at small pieces of the larger picture that was my life, health, and experience of my body. Willow was different. She asks in-depth, precise, and perfect questions that really seem to get to the source of things. I felt heard. Sleep? Digestion? Nutrition? Physicality? No question goes unasked! In the end I left feeling confident that she would carefully consider the connectedness of the BIG picture (and not just the disjointed pieces!).

I was not wrong: her herbal recommendations (with easy directions on use and preparation!) have had a huge impact on my patience, productivity, health, happiness and human-ness. LOVE IT and LOVE HER!

Nicole H